Chester the Campsite Cat R.I.P

We have some very sad news to share with you about Chester the Campsite Cat. Chester was found 12 years ago underneath a caravan owned by a Mr and Mrs Chester and was taken by Mr Schofield, another caravan owner, to the office. At this moment in time, Arlene the Park Manager adopted him and he became part of her family. Shortly after he began living in the farmhouse with Arlene he was joined by Taylor, who is black and white, and now shares his territory. Together they enjoy sleeping on the sofa and bird watching outside in the garden. Chester, in particular, likes to lie on the keyboards in the office and observes all the families arriving at reception from the counter. As many of our returning customers and friends may know Chester guards reception and has even terrified dogs from venturing into the office. Alongside this, Chester thoroughly enjoys controlling the mice population at Park Cliffe and keeping a watchful eye over staff in the office. Chester has had a very fulfilling life at Park Cliffe and could not have had a better experience that what he has had with Arlene. Recently, as we are sure many of you are aware; Chester has been poorly and has not been getting better. Unfortunately he has been suffering with throat cancer, which has got increasingly worse over the last month and very sadly he is no longer with us. We hope Taylor will cope with his absence and that she will make more appearances in reception, which are not just for food! I am sure many of you will understand that this is a very sad time for us all and we are sure many of you will miss him.