Nurture Lakeland & Fix the Fells

Park Cliffe Camping & Caravan Estate is a member of Nurture Lakeland – a unique, award-winning organisation, inspiring people to care for Cumbria’s natural environment through responsible tourism. Here at Park Cliffe Camping & Caravan Estate we’re working to protect our stunning upland landscape and to support our wonderful wildlife through Nurture Lakeland’s Visitor Giving scheme. We hope you’ve had such a great time with us that you’ll feel inspired to give a little something back to help look after this wonderful place, to keep it special today, tomorrow and right into the future. When you book online direct with us, you will be given the option to make a small donation to our chosen project – Fix the Fells. Please help us to reach our fundraising targets and support this great cause. Thank you so much for your support. To find out more about Nurture Lakeland and Fix the Fells visit

Fix the Fells
The spectacular Lake District landscape is a paradise for walkers attracting 10 million visitors each year. But 10 million pairs of booted feet are not without their impact. In fact they leave a significant imprint on the magnificent, yet surprisingly fragile mountain environment. Erosion caused by feet (and rain!) leads to large scars developing in the landscape. Eroded paths are not only unsightly, they also lead to habitat loss, water pollution and damage to rare species in the area. Skilled craftsmen and hundreds of volunteers carry out essential repair work to rebuild and maintain the most badly eroded footpaths. Community engagement and education of those who use the upland fells is also a vital strand of the project to ensure long-term sustainability of uplands promoting access for all. The success of this project relies on donations; please donate whatever you can to help preserve this fragile landscape.