Fell Foot – it’s closer than you think!

Left out of the entrance.
Left at the end of the road.
Follow the road – don’t turn off!
Take a right into the entrance to Fell foot.

Fell foot is a National Trust park within a five to ten minute drive from Park Cliffe depending on the time you travel and how many caravans you pass on your way from Newby Bridge heading to Park Cliffe. If only the road would be marginally wider and a touch straighter it would make the journey to Park Cliffe significantly less stressful!

When I first visited Fell foot there was just the café and shop next to the lake and an old boat house where a small ferry would transport people from this side of the lake to Lakeside hotel on the opposite side.

But, all has changed since the floods back in 2015 and since then Fell foot has developed plans to improve the site and has been in the process of building a very well-equipped water sports centre which personally I can’t wait to have a look around.

Anyway, let’s get to the beef of it all.

What can you do at Fell foot?

  • Enjoy the surroundings
  • Launch your own kayaks/paddleboards/canoes into the Lake using the launching area
  • 5K Park run – my personal favourite! Every Saturday morning at 9am one hundred or so runners, fast walkers and buggy pushers gather at the start line for a run around the meadow and next to the lake. It’s completely free to participate; you can print off your personal barcode to record your time which you can find out afterwards via an email sent out by Park Run and even see how you’re ranked in your age division and gender. I’ve been to Park Run enough times to know that despite the daunting thought of going for a run first thing Saturday morning with loads of people you don’t know – it’s totally worth it. You never know who you’ll bump into at Park Run I’ve spontaneously met customers that have static caravans on Park Cliffe at Park Run and I’ve heard my name being shouted from one of my friends Mum who I used to go to school with cheering me on, or the young girl I met who was struggling with asthma that I ran the last lap with and looked out for. You might not aspire to run a personal best but that certainly does not mean that Park run isn’t for you, in fact I’d probably go as far to say that most people taking part in Park run aren’t going to achieve a record time but because they enjoy the challenge and the chatter with various folk before and after the run.
  • Take the Ferry to Lakeside – future post revealing some insight into the best afternoon teas around the Lakes coming soon
  • Outdoor yoga with Spacious Minds
    (one off sessions, not run though the year, check website for details



Unfortunately due to its amazing location on the Lake and beautiful views, especially if you love a good picnic in the sun, it is often very busy during peak holiday times. Not to say you shouldn’t visit but do be prepared for other families and groups arriving with the same intentions. Also, I think it’s very important to mention here that the entrance and exit to Fell foot are in separate places; when coming from Park Cliffe the entrance is first on your left and the exit is further on as you have to drive through the car park to reach it. I’ve driven down the lake road many a time to see plenty of family cars attempting the impossible and trying to reach Fell foot through the exit – spoiler alert – there are actually gate claw one way traffic spikes (what a mouthful!) so it really is not possible to get into the park this way!

Top tip for if you’re a frequent visitor to the Lake District – become a member of the National Trust and save hundreds on parking and support the awesome conservation work they do!

So head on down to Fell foot. Spend an afternoon there, or visit in the evening, get a coffee in the café or walk your dog in the meadow.

I’m awaiting your story!

For more information check out their website: