Farmer’s Markets in the Lake District

What is a farmer’s market?

Where you can directly purchase the goods, often from the producers themselves, which have been planted and grown in the local area by the producers. A farmer’s market aims to promote buying of local goods, therefore reducing the food miles that are often very high when buying from a supermarket and supporting local farmers in the agricultural industry.

What can you buy from a farmer’s market?

Locally sourced and produced fruit and vegetables, cheeses, breads, eggs, cakes, and puddings. Locally brewed beers, spirits, ales and fruit juices.

What is a supermarket?

A cooperate widespread store which stocks a variety of household and perishable goods from wholesalers to customers. Produce is bought in vast quantities and sold cheaply to make a significant profit for the business. The increasing number of supermarkets and retail parks being built is contributing to the rising pollution through transportation of goods and floor space that a supermarket takes up.

Why is buying from a farmer’s market different to buying from a supermarket?

  • Food is both grown and sold locally in a farmer’s markets, therefore we’re reducing the distance food has to be travelled before it is bought and preventing the production of pollution of lorry’s and vans have on the environment
  • At a farmer’s market you will often be buying from the producer themselves who have nurtured their crop and are able to inform you about where food has come from, how it has been grown and educate on their lifestyle
  • Through the communication between the buyer and seller your increasing social interaction between members of the community
  • By buying from local farmers and agricultural sellers you are helping them to remain self-reliant and maintain their agricultural lifestyle which is often threatened by the increasing number of widespread supermarkets which draw people away from buying locally because of convenience and accessibility

Where are the farmer’s markets in the Lake District?

Where? (in order of closest proximity) September October November
Kendal – last Friday of the month Friday 28th Friday 26th Friday 30th
Ulveston – 3rd Saturday of the month Saturday 15th Saturday 20th Saturday 17th
Milnthorpe – 2nd Friday of the month Friday 14th Friday 12th Friday 9th
Keswick – 2nd Thursday of the month Thursday 13th Thursday 11th Thursday 8th
Cockermouth – 1st Saturday of the month Saturday 1st Saturday 6th Saturday 3rd
Sedburgh – every Wednesday Wednesday 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th Wednesday 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st Wednesday 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th
Penrith – 3rd Tuesday of every month Tuesday 18th Tuesday 16th Tuesday 20th
Brampton – last Saturday of every month Saturday 29th Saturday 27th Saturday 24th

Not able to get to a farmer’s market? What local produce can you purchase at Park Cliffe?

If you have had breakfast in our restaurant it’s quite likely you have already indirectly supported local farmers. The fresh meat we use, we purchase locally from Estuary Fine Foods at Askam in Furness and the sausages and bacon you can buy to cook yourselves from our shop. The eggs we sell in the shop are also free range. To go with your tea, we sell local Romneys biscuits which are a favorite to dunk in your tea and we also stock a variety of their traditional sweets. Romneys, which are based in the local town of Kendal, also produce the famous Kendal mint cake which is very popular amongst both walkers, and non-walkers alike! The mint cake is available in our shop and is even made now with option of being covered in chocolate – yum! To take home we have also collaborated with Romneys to make personalized assorted toffee and fudge boxes, which are produced in Kendal, with a postcard of a site to remember your stay or bring back home with you.

In our bar we stock bottles of locally brewed beer from Ulverston and have a guest cask ale on tap which we alternate between a couple of the most popular ales which they stock. At the moment, our favourite being ‘Flying Elephants’ which goes particularly well with our Roasts on a Sunday or the Fish n’ Chips during the week.