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What’s on at the Theatre by the Lake – April/May 2019

13 April 2019 Local area

Theatre on the Lake in Kewick is well worth a visit during your stay at Park Cliffe!

Have you ever been to Theatre by the Lake in Keswick?

If not, it’s a 45 minute drive north of Park Cliffe and well worth your time even if you don’t actually step inside the theatre (although I’d think it as a missed opportunity if you didn’t especially with the shows coming up!). Outside you can walk into town, hire boats and go on boat trips from TBTL as it really is on the Lake Shore. There’s also a cracking restaurant inside as well.

So, back to it. What’s on this Spring in the Theatre?


Educating Rita by Willy Russell


Thursday 18th – Saturday 27th April 2019

Type of play?



The play documents the relationship between a married working class woman who’s dissatisfied with her work and social life leaves to go to an open university pursuing growth. At university Rita meets Frank, a middle aged alcohol academic who’s teaching in order to pay for his drink and the two develop a relationship which leads them to re-examine their attitudes and position in life. Rita seeks freedom adopting the confidence and bohemian life of her tutor, however, adopts the pretence of university culture that Frank despises and realises that her new life is just as dishonest and superficial as the one she left.


Freedom, change, England’s class system, the shortcomings of institutional education, self-development and relationships


The Ladykillers by Graham Linehan


24th May 2019 – 2nd November 2019

Type of play?

Comedy for all the family!


The plan is simple: pull off the heist of the century while posing as a group of classical musicians. The only problem? Mrs Wilberforce, a sweet little old lady, alone in her lopsided house with this gang of criminal misfits! Mrs W is renowned for reporting fanciful events going on the neighbourhood having led wild goose chases in the past.

As the plot thickens, so do Mrs W’s suspicions, but with the local police force oblivious, it’s up to her and General Gordon (her beloved parrot) to stand up for justice against five desperate men.


The Ladykillers

My Mother said I never should by Charlotte Keatley


23rd May 2019 – 30th October 2019

Type of play?

Coming of age/Classic


The play follows four different women from the same family living in Manchester, Oldham and London over three different time periods. The play’s about relationships between mothers and daughters and explores themes of independence, teenage pregnancy, single motherhood and career prioritisation across different generations. Play’s time frame is non-linear and jumps backwards and forwards to different scenes. The play examines how the choices we make determine the course of our lives – but how it is never too late to change!

Written in the Guardian as ‘A landmark play equivalent to the 4 minute mile.’

A play for all women of the world – not to be missed.

(And for all of us not familiar with athletics, the 4 minute mile was a massive milestone!)

Ever ignored your mother’s advice before?

This one might be for you!