Gummers How Summit

Who needs Scafell Pike when you’ve got Gummers How?

18 April 2018 Local area

Don't miss out on Gummers How when you stay at Park Cliffe!

Gummers How is often missed out on when staying at Park Cliffe because it doesn’t reach the height of other more famous mountains in the Lake District, such as Helvellyn or Skiddaw. By no means am I discrediting both mountains. I can say from my own experience that these are well worth climbing and travelling to, despite the notorious country roads in the Lakes that makes them slightly awkward to get to.

As many people who travel up, and down, to the Lake District are aware, the weather here is unpredictable at the best of times. Even with the regular mountain weather forecasts you can drive for an hour and a half to reach the bottom of Scafell Pike and the fog may have set in and by the time you reach the summit. On these occasions the closest thing you’re going to get to a view of is your walking boots! At least there is a great pub back at the start to welcome you back.

So if you’ve not already got Gummers How on the cards to do whilst you’re staying with us here are three reasons why you definitely should:

  1. Upon reaching the summit there is in fact a pillar shaped object made from many stones (these are called cairns on bigger hills) at the top to get that ever so popular group photo. (For those self proclaimed more ‘technologically advanced walkers’ there is also an OS Trig Point on the summit if you were interested)
  2. There are in fact two routes to get to the top. The first route beginning from Park Cliffe as you climb part way up Moor How and follow the public footpaths which takes approximately an hour and a half, or the second route requires you to drive to Gummers How car park (parking is free of charge here) and is opposite the exit to Fell Foot, if you have previously visited this National Trust site.From the car park the route is very obvious and the footpath slowly evolves into a set of stone steps that you need to climb to reach the top, this route is steep at certain points but ideal for all ages and a brilliant first family walk or wander to a nice view point for those who are more mature.The walk up this way takes in some beautiful views of the lake and surrounding mountains all the way to the top and takes approximately half an hour if you have a schedule whilst you’re in the Lakes, or about three quarters of an hour if you’re taking your time or with children.
  3. If you are making the journey to the Lake District in the words of both Wordsworth and Wainwright one must definitely participate in some description of ‘walking’!Whether this be a gander up Moor How, Gummers How or Scafell for those willing to face the gradient, or those who prefer the steadier walks which tend to revolve around a café or pub stop.Do not fear! I will write about my top recommendations for these in the near future (I think it’s fair to say I’m quite qualified to assess the quality of beverages and snacks in the Windermere and Bowness location after investing a good portion of my wage back into the local economy on a Friday night).

Gummers How Summit

Gummers How Summit

However, if you have read this having already visited Park Cliffe and not yet made the short trip up Moor How, the hill that lies behind the touring area, I am quite frankly ashamed and very disappointed! How could anyone possibly miss this out, and I expect you to take the short walk to the top the next time you come to stay!

There is no such thing as ‘not enough time’ to climb Moor How, or ‘the weather is too bad’. My record is just over 10 minutes to the top if you’re up for a short run in the Lakes, yet equally I have quite happily dawdled for 40 minutes walking to the top. I strongly encourage everyone who visits us to venture up Moor How.

Evidence that I have in fact reached the summit of Gummers How too!

So once you’ve conquered Gummers How, for a longer venture you should make a quick trip round Fairfield Horseshoe. Perhaps its fair to say a ‘less quick trip’ than Gummers How and more suited to a full days adventure, but nevertheless very worthwhile and a great factor about this walk is that you get an awesome view wherever you are on the walk.

Whatever route you choose, or mountain to climb, let us know in Reception or on our social media pages about how you get on!