Environmental Statement

Park Cliffe is set in a beautiful part of the Cumbrian fells, and our aim is to protect the flora, fauna and wildlife on our 25 acre estate, whilst enhancing the environment for everyone’s enjoyment.

Our guests come to the area to enjoy a holiday experience that allows them to spend time together in a safe and attractive environment. We are dedicated to providing information to our guests on the importance of natural areas surrounding our park and supporting organisations that maintain them.

Our holiday park has already achieved the prestigious David Bellamy Gold Award for 10 years, and we continue to develop our relationship with the surrounding environment.

In addition to the gold award, we have also been designated as a ‘Bee Friendly’ park, in recognition of our commitment to planting which will encourage bees and have also been recognised for planting natural hedges which will provide a safe habitat for wildlife.

Park Cliffe recognise the environmental impact of the consumption of electricity, gas, use of water and disposal of general waste, and is committed to preventing pollution and demonstrating continual environmental improvements. To this end we will:

  • Promote environmental awareness to our customers whilst not hindering the enjoyment of their holiday.
  • Operate within all relevant environmental legislation.
  • Prevent pollution, and to ensure that the use of hazardous substances and chemicals is eliminated, reduced or substituted where possible.
  • Continue the introduction of energy efficient light bulbs.
  • Commit towards continual environmental improvements.
  • Reduce the amount of water usage.
  • Minimise waste disposal, by promoting recycling where practicable.
  • Encourage guests to use the web site as the main source of information therefore minimizing paper usage.
  • Source and use electricity as efficiently as possible.
  • Promote the natural biodiversity of our estate, and protect the natural environment for future generations.
  • To source and buy produce locally.
  • Support the local community through employment and charity work.
  • Promote the use of public transport, and walks and cycle routes from the estate.

We will also minimise our use of plastics by the following initiatives:

  • Using paper drinking straws, and paper bags
  • Minimise the use of single portion sauce sachets by using glass bottles where possible
  • Introducing a 25p discount on takeaway hot drinks for customers who use their own reusable cup
  • Using compostable takeaway cups
  • Phasing out the sale of water in plastic bottles in our shop, and installing a filtered water machine so guests can fill their own bottles free of charge
  • Providing a plastic recycling facility on site