Park Cliffe Lake District Lake Windermere

Activities for Kids

There are plenty of activities for kids to enjoy on-site at Park Cliffe and off-site in the beautiful Lake District.

children in stream park cliffe lake district

A message from our children

Hello and welcome to Park Cliffe.

We hope you have a great time, there are lots of things to do as well as playing around the park.

Such as traditional barbecues which lots of families have on summer evenings which sends a calm smoky smell round the park.

When my brother and I were younger we loved to play in the small stream which runs through the park when you can make dams, have water fights, naturally play and ghyll scramble up the stream as long as you remember waterproofs!

When you are out of the stream dry or wet you can go to the play area on the touring part of the site or go to the large rock which is at the start of the touring area. Then you can read in the restaurant or play board games with family members before having a well deserved snack or meal. If you have a passion for walking you could go walking up a hill called Moorhow behind the park. When you get to the top you have a beautiful view of the Lake District.

children boys playing on rocks park cliffe lake district

Child friendly places to visit

When your parents decide to check out the area we are in, these are some places that are a MUST to go to!

  • There is the Beatrix Potter attraction at Bowness which (age wise is designed for 2-10 year olds) which includes a shop with a range of gifts, a café and exhibits telling some of Beatrix Potter’s most popular tales.
  • There is a local cinema, the Royalty at Bowness which is handy to go to and has 3 screens with lots of good films to watch.
  • Also in Bowness you will find a traditional toy/hobby shop which sells some amazing things like the train sets my brother Jack loved to play with.
  • Next to that there is a shop which sells 36 flavours of ice-cream, most of them sound bizarre but taste fabulous.
  • If you are a keen sailor or enjoy watersports then ask your parents to take you on a boat rides on the Teal, Swan and Tern which take you across the lake. You can do watersports at the Winderemere Outdoor Adventure Centre or Fell Foot Park.
  • If your parents like eating out we like to go to Zeffirellis at Ambleside. They have Jazz evenings and a cinema as well. Its always busy in the restaurant but there is usually room upstairs in the bar area.
  • Other popular places are the Masons Arms at Strawberry Bank and The Brown Horse Inn at Winster.
  • There are also lots of places to eat in Bowness.
  • There are lots of things to do nearby for younger children as well as babies and toddlers.

We hope you enjoy your stay at the park and hope to see you soon.

Abi and Jack xx