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Honister Slate Mine & Via Ferrata

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About Honister Slate Mine & Via Ferrata

Guided Mine Tours of England’s oldest working slate mine wend their way through the 900 year old mine deep in the heart of the former volcano, Fleetwith Pike.

The huge maze of underground tunnels is an archaeological time capsule and as part of the mine tours, visitors can experience everything from narrow passages and incredible cathedral-like caverns as they delve deep into a subterranean world. They will also learn how the Victorian miners worked using hand tools by candle light.

It’s a sight to behold as visitors find out more about some of the unusual and unexpected events that have taken place here, including an underground cricket match and music concerts inside the mine.

There are also specialist ecological and industrial heritage tours outside on Honister Crag during the summer.
Booking is advisable in holiday periods.

Climb the Mine

For an adrenaline filled adventure deep inside the heart of a Lake District mountain, ‘Climb the Mine’ is the only one of its type in England. Climb the Mine follows the route of the original underground mine workings. Complete with vertical climbs and rope-bridge crossings, this weather-proof experience sees participants led deep underground to explore a secret world of hidden passages and magnificent caverns.Then, climb up into the roof of the mine itself for an experience previously confined to an elite group of miners. The finale see participants emerge triumphant to a spectacular view of one of England’s highest mountain passes.

Booking is advisable in holiday periods. Minimum age of 10 years (or more than 1m 30 height). Full safety briefing given.

Infinity Bridge

Named so because often you are unable to see the other end! Strung across a breathtaking gorge high up on the mountain, 2,000 feet above the valley floor. The Infinity Bridge is the longest of this type of bridge in Britain.

The Shop

Honister green slate was formed in this rugged corner of the Lake District more than 450 million years ago and has been mined here for many centuries.

Via Ferrata

England’s last working slate mine provides the backdrop for some unique adventures on an iconic Lake District mountain.

The Via Ferrata Classic (or ‘Iron Way’) uses a series of rungs, ladders and bridges along the old Victorian miner’s footpath. While different from traditional rock climbing, it gives the sensation of being exposed on a rock face, but with the additional of a continuous cable.

The more daunting Via Ferrata Xtreme is twice as high as The Shard and seven times the height of Big Ben. Here participants can ‘skywalk’ across the daunting Infiniti Bridge, more than 2,000 feet above the valley floor, before approaching the summit of Fleetwith Pike over a huge vertical scramble net.

Booking is advisable in holiday periods. Minimum age of 10 years (or more than 1m 30 height). Full safety briefing given.

Image credit: Joe Hayhurst, Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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